So I went through the Mac versus Windows topic...

that’s pinned and locked at the top and just had this question:

So why are the Windows people only getting a $5 discount compared to the Mac users?

Seems it should be quite a bit more.

Personally, I think they should add a zero and charge in the $400 range. :slight_smile:

Because if it resonates with and works for you, nothing else out there comes close.

Think of it as the Mac people only being asked to pay $5 extra.

And if anyone wants to pay $400 for it, I’ll be happy to take their money and provide them with a license.

Oh yeah, I’m not unhappy with what Scrivener for Windows does (and I even bought Scapple from them.)

Guess I should have written it more like Oliver begging to Mr. Bumble. That’s what I was feeling.

If you haven’t purchased yet (still working on the free trial, or using the beta), you could always try waiting until November and get the half-off code from NaNoWriMo. Then it’s even cheaper!

If your post is meant for me, Sanguinius, I already own both of their products. I had just never seen how much of a difference there was between the two versions and was surprised.

It’s all good. I’ll wait for it to catch up. I can still do my work.