So it's valentines day...

I’m in my pajamas with no intention of leaving the house.
I’m listening to African harp+guitar music.
I’ve spent a few days thinking… hard.

And I’ve decided that this summer I want to walk from South West France to North West Spain. 750 km to Santiago de Compostela.

Some of you already know this.

I just need to find the money to do it.

Bought my wife $180 dollars worth of “Bath Junkie” stuff. Told the guys I wasn’t going bowling tonight so I can spend the evening with the Mrs.

I actually put on a decent shirt and pants before moseying off ta work. Trying to appear busy, but in actuality I can’t wait to get home. I did spend some money over Christmas holidays at Victoria’s Secret so I am curious as to what my little vixen has in store for me.

If anything I may spend some time worshiping at the foot of the Fornication Throne before partaking in the sinful pleasures of the flesh.

Or in reality I could get home and sit and watch a “chick flick” with my wife while I make big tubs of buttered popcorn and wrap ouselves in a blanket on the couch while I try to follow the proceedings of a “romantic comedy”.

In those movies there are no aliens, no guns, no endless amounts of bad guys and bullets. Usually they ride bikes in pretty places and do “romantic things”.

Ahhh Valentines Day. The day of love. Where pink is the theme and cubid uses an old plastic bow instead of a rocket launcher.


But seriously to all have a wonderful valentines day doing whatever it is that makes you and your loved one(s) happy.

I hate VD.

The holiday vic-k. Mind out of gutter please.

So this year i told Mrs that We had to pass due to the excessive cost of staying alive and supporting her business (seasonal restaurant). What she doesn’t know is that I have already planned to do the whole flowers/dinner/after-dinner-thing (slight gutter detour allowed here vic-k) tomorrow. Plan to have flowers delivered to the daughter at school tomorrow. florist (a good associate) is giving me a break on the post holiday sale.

My preference would be to supply Wock with the required “man vs. irritating society” scene utilizing large amounts of airborne jacketed lead in the .223 to 9mm range. But then I wouldn’t last long in prison so I make the most of it.

Sebbi, it isn’t any easier with a better half. It just gets more expensive to do right or the trouble is greater if you do it wrong. Find a friend or any gender, get a beer (or beverage of choice [i think you are dry by choice]) or 8 and just be glad to be on the right side of the turf. Then I will be envious.

Anyone have any ideas what to do for an 11 year old boy? My dad and I didn’t get along all that well so I am stumped.

Sebbi, I just read that last post again and I make a big assumption. Kind of makes me a jerk. Public apology is in order.

If you object to the wording I will remove it, but I think any one who is down about the day due to “relational status” might be interested in seeing it that way. i will find another way to post if you desire.

Nah, don’t worry about it.

I’m staying away from women for a bit anyway - my last relationship was quite long and intense and ended badly; not to mention if all goes to plan I’m leaving this part of the country for the next 3 years, so a relationship isn’t top of my “Things I want list”

Hence, this year, Valentines day is something I’m quite happy to ignore.

What do you think about the walk I want to do? How amazing would that be.

I don’t envy you that one. I married my high-school sweetheart. Best mistake I ever made :slight_smile: You’ll find the right one. Heck, vic-k did.

I would go for China myself, but I am envious of your ability to do so. My wife and I are trying to plan a 4-8 week trip to China. Looking for a combination of guided and unguided travel. Biggest problem for us is language. You Europeans seem to be a bit better with the multi-lingual stuff.

All that said I would follow you in a heart beat. I wish I had done something like that I when I was your age. Take lots of photos. Make sure you get prints to share. Then when you are old and married you can sit back and tell the kids about your adventures. I just get to tell them about working shxt jobs.

Oh and playing rock 'n roll in a band. That was cool. Some day I will do it again…,

I’ll be busy checking out local car dealerships while pampering my wife. I totaled my car yesterday while taking my wife to an appointment. While my employer was kind enough to arrange for a rental car at a corporate discount for me (that I’ll be paying for out of my next paycheck), the rental period is only a week.

Hey Jaysen, if you’re coming to this wonderful country … especially if you’re making it an 8-weeker, if you come Xiamen way at all – roughly half-way between Shanghai and Hong Kong as you go round the coast --I’d be happy to show you around, give you some great food … pearls for the lady at prices you wouldn’t believe … and if there’s any other advice I can give you just get in touch via PM …

Yeah … and I am a multi-lingual European … including a pretty fair amount of Chinese.

And if you wanted, we could probably find a bottle of stuff that would make even Vic-K’s hair stand on end … or his peg-leg start sprouting leaves …



The walk?


Well I do not know how it is over there but here in America if I wanted to walk say from where I live to New York City then I would highly recommend,

Kevlar Body Armor
9mm Sig Sauer
Cell Phone
A Black Jack
Digital Camera
And Plenty of money stashed on different parts of your body.

Rock band = Yes
Owned a small indie label for a few years and played in a few bands that toured some parts of the states. Really fun :slight_smile:

Present for an 11 year old?
Hmm, depends. Maybe some candy, a book, or a decent video game?
Dunno really.

Aren’t currently involved with a significant other? Cool, enjoy the day off. :slight_smile:

That .223 would it come with a S.A.W. ? :slight_smile:
I’d like a Vulcan mini-gun to clear some land. :slight_smile:

Eat candy, send flowers, drink fine wine, and enjoy thyselves.

And any man who feels that we are not being celebrated, remember we get the big piece of meat at thanks giving. :slight_smile:

In terms of “places I’ve always wanted to go” Spain isn’t actually that high on the list generally, but this route is a traditional Pilgrimage route.

I’m not Christian but I do feel a certain… Spiritual significant about the whole thing. I mean, thousands, if not millions of people have done it at some point in their lives over the course of an entire Millenia (or thereabouts).

In terms of language, it’s completely mulitlingual, because there’s pilgrims from all over the world; I was told if you have at least one major 2 European languages under your belt (including English), you should be fine; being half-German and fluent, that’s that part set.

The only problem is finding the money (it’s only about £400 overall, which isn’t that much, but when you consider I have no income currently) - time is fine; I finish my exams in July and I start Uni (hopefully) in September, and you only need about 4 weeks to do it (the people I talked to did it in 27 days and 34 days).

We are a couple of years out unless we immigrate. I may opt for a shorter trip in a year or so. I was going to pester you for more info once we decide if we want to do the short trip first. Look for the PM

I’d prefer a .45, to be honest.

Husband and I decided years ago that Valentine’s Day is amateur night. If you need a holiday to remind you to be romantic, you’re doing it wrong.

We’ve got a special day earlier in February that we celebrate instead. Much easier to get reservations, too.


Vic`s wife would rather have a refund on him, no matter how small.

Le D :smiling_imp:

I know the walk.

As a Protestant I would tell you that a walk on a specific route is no more religious than eating a hamburger. While I personally feel that some places put us in a mind frame to hear God more clearly it all boils down to us shutting up and listening.

That out of the way I am sure you will find what you are seeking if you seek in earnest. Take you time on the walk and look for the things that speak to you. Search them out. They are there.

I have associates that have 1.5 miles of river near the Canadian border. They keep a cabin up there for me. I take a personal pilgrimage once a year. No power, no hot water. Me, the river, a guitar, a fishing pole and lots of time to search. The years that I am late or miss it altogether always seem more difficult. It has become a place of serenity for me and my family.

Culled from Wicki…

In Ancient Rome, February 15 was Lupercalia, an archaic rite connected to fertility, without overtones of romance. Plutarch wrote:

Lupercalia, of which many write that it was anciently celebrated by shepherds, and has also some connection with the Arcadian Lycaea. At this time many of the noble youths and of the magistrates run up and down through the city naked, for sport and laughter striking those they meet with shaggy thongs. And many women of rank also purposely get in their way, and like children at school present their hands to be struck, believing that the pregnant will thus be helped in delivery, and the barren to pregnancy.

Sounds just like the village high street on most Saturday nights

Le D:twisted:

ahhh the joys of “naked time.”

When everyone was really young an innocent we all would do everything we could to get out of our diapers and run around the house naked. As parents this is met with amusement. As small children this is met as a reward.

Then you have to grow up, keep your clothes on, pay bills, be polite, be forgiving, and conform.

But deep down everyone holds onto that secret thrill of enjoying “naked time” without the sexual expressions or expectations.

THe number one reason given by people as to why they wish to own have their own house/apartment without any room mates etc?

To be able to walk around naked.

To enjoy their own private “naked time”

PS: Do not fry food naked.

I bought her flowers, she bought me belgian chocolate.

Other than that, it was a regular day like any other. We’re all about the tokens.

That sounds brilliant.

I could do with a bit of that right now actually.

Not hot food anyway!

Those tokens are important.

Me and my S.O., we exchanged Haiku’s, got all weepy, and then got all – well, you know,…