So the iOS app. No composition mode? No background color for my editor

Hello Forum,

 There is something i absolutely love about the editor and it is that i can use two finger zoom to get the text size i want.  But boy, being able to at least change the editor background with a picture and or fade like in composition mode makes it a little less pleasing than MAC experience.   

Is it just me that doesnt know where the preference is? or is this just non existent. Is it on the backlog of things to add? idk. I am asking…thank you.

love you scrivener :wink:

If you go to the Settings app, scroll down to find Scrivener and tap it, you’ll find a few options for editor background colour. But you can’t set it to any colour you like.

And yeah, no composition mode as such.

There’s no Composition Mode as such, but you can expand the Editor pane to fill the entire screen (hiding the Binder).