So we start tick tock

I thought I would kick of the day by saying an early thank you to Pigfender, great brief and a lot of hard work.

Thanks homeport! :smiley:
Good luck with your chapter, and have fun!

Its very quiet here are we the only Brits about is everyone still sleeping :slight_smile:

I’m here and in the same position as you, Homeport!



The Americans put in a good showing until about 630 am and then tapered off. :smiley:

Hey, no Yank bashing…well, I know you really weren’t but I need wax dramatic
Up now and sorting out what I wanna do with this
Thanks much for the opportunity
Good fun!

Sitting here reading about wild west skills :smiley:

I’t actually been pretty quiet this year. Very few questions. Perhaps i’ve been too prescriptive in the chapter briefs? Either that or none of you are actually writing anything?!?!


Or we have just decided that your briefs are irrelevant and we are writing our own stories.


Well, yes and no…I’ve added a few gangs to the mix…The Daltons, The James gang , some Bloods and Crips and a lost squad of the 82nd Airborne…Hope that doesn’t make too much ‘topping and tailing’ for you…

I will tell you that the “blue water” gang (all harbor dolphins) is getting their … fins kicked right now. What did they expect picking a fight with the “Iron Rodents” armadillo gang. It’s a desert for crying out loud.

I know how to quick draw a gun now :slight_smile:

Alone and with an unloaded gun? Or, preferably, a stick?

Is this where you intended the comments be directed to? Sorry I missed it. We 'mericans, btw, were sleeping at that time or out partying our keisters off. Or, some other such schnitzel.