Social Media Tracker

This idea would be useful to add wheneve the Back Matter feature is developed. The idea behind this is simple. A possible global feature where you can input the places you got as Social Media (such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

The Meta-Data Settings UI lends itself well for this feature, and there’s space for an additional tab.

You could model the setup of this on the Project Properties tab.

Where you want the Social Media inserted you would in this instance do <$social_media> as a placeholder, and the box for this has space for up to 140 characters of introduction (using Twitter as example here).

Below this you would place the tags for each social media you use, one per line, preceded with the social media name then the website you entered into the appropriate fields. An shortcut code of some sort posts <$social_media> and ALL social media tags at insertion post on a page in the general layout as shown below:

(this list would be two columns with each column aligned neatly in a row btw NOT as the example shows)

The tags for each social media in this example would be as follows:

Twitter would be <$Twitter>
Facebook would be <$Fbook>
Blog would be <$blog>

The data should be able to be set globally so that it can be re-used without much time consumption ALL social media information can be added to a page with a single entry point, plus the additional possibility of having individual tags for other places in the document. For example, I list my Twitter handle on the Copyright page, so if this feature existed I’d type <$Twitter> there.

Global saving of this feature would mean if you make a change to the name of your blog, as an example, you only need to change it once in the Social Media tab under Meta-Data Settings, and ALL your documents are instantly updated the moment you open them for the first time after making such a change.

I hope I explained my idea in a way people understand it. This function can be in both Windows and and Mac btw. :slight_smile:


Really like this idea.

I do something similar now using project replacements, and have created templates with the PRs in them so that they are available across projects.

Anything that outsmarts my current solution would be welcome.


Briar Kit

I’ve only started using Scrivener 3 days ago and one of the first things that came to mind was: "How can I integrate this with my social media strategy and wouldn’t it be great if you could post and track straight from Scrivener. :smiley:

I can’t wait to start using the suggestions already here and look forward to seeing what comes out of this thread.


I was looking for exactly the same thing. Although the posting and tracking straight from Scrivener wasn’t so much an issue as I have other services that do that, but I was looking for an efficient way to plan out a content schedule within Scrivener.

I started creating a folder for a month, and then text documents within it for each day and just viewing it in the corkboard view, but the notecards didn’t line up as a week, which bothered me a little. I did more searching and fond this video on importing a display of a Google calendar . . . which would be perfect,

but it only works in Mac :frowning:

So I have to go back and rethink it again.