Software for Comparing / Annotating 2 PDFs on split screen

I’m relatively new to OS X and have to do some correction work: on the left side of the screen I need scanned pages from an old book edition, on the right side the newly set text (InDesign PDF), and I shall find all the typos.

Is there an app that supports such work with synchronized scrolling, saving windows states and places in the files for next session etc.?

I only tested Skim yet but I hope there might be others …

Thank you!

I don’t know of any such software, but there is a solution that I know how to do on the Mac: In the Preview app, you can drag image files into any PDF. By viewing page thumbnails (instead of a table of contents), you can drag that image or other pdf in between other pages. So you could interleave the original and the transcribed version of each page. Then set up Preview to show two pages at once (in full screen would be my preference). Once you were done marking up the new document pages, you would then go through and delete the interleaved scan images.

I’m sure there are scripts out there to interleave two sets of pages of pdfs, if you’re technical enough to do that, and other scripts designed to separate out the odd and even pages (usually for printing duplex on a printer that can only print on one side of a page).

You could have a look at PDFPen from Smile Software

$59.95 but you can drag and drop pages between two adjacent PDF files that you have open, so it should do what you want.

Unless PdfPen can interleave the pages all in one single drag, it doesn’t have an advantage over Preview, which comes with Mac OS, and allows the same kind of drag and drop facility.

Thanks Robert and Tacitus for your ideas!

Seems that there’s something in the making here: … lling.html
(Look at the last comment)

If the developer adds that “drift” factor, it would be a good investment, I think.

I don’t think it can. It is possible to extract odd/even pages from PDFs using automator, but I can’t see anything that would cope with interleaving.

[Edit] I didn’t have the full PDFPen script menu installed and I’ve just noticed in the scripts menu there is a script ‘merge every other’.

That’s nifty. Does it have a split every other script to go with it? I would expect so, since there are plenty of people who want to print both sides of a page, but don’t have duplex printers.

Surprisingly not, but the devs are pretty responsive so I wouldn’t think it would be a major problem if people requested it.