software for graph/image intensive pamphlets

Hi, I like scrivener, but I don’t have much experience with using images in it. I also write in latex for scientific papers, but don’t have the degree of skill required for typesetting text combined with proper image placement.

I’m helping my grandmother create videos to help the parents of special needs children. We would like written material to go along with them. These would have many images of children along with tables and graphs. I would like the presentation to be as professional as possible. I also need to be able to export to PDF. The ideal software would allow me to write text wherever I want while maintaining heading/subheading styles that could be applied uniformly. I would also like images to be able to be placed wherever I like. Ideally there would be some text wraparound of images.

I own Scrivener, Mellel, and Word, but again, I don’t know if these are the appropriate tools. Is there a WYSIWYG editor that allows such flexibility?

These documents would be short, probably in the range of 10 pages each. I am working on the Mac.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Swift Publisher comes to mind as a good tool for that purpose. … erview.php

Despite its limitations, Apple’s Pages should also manage what you’re trying to do. I personally use it for all of my image heavy document & page-layout needs. The price on the Mac App Store is pretty good too. :slight_smile:

Yes, I have found Pages more than sufficient. A few years ago I was writing and publishing a theological newsletter for pastors (with photos). Pages fit the need at that time very well (Pages 08). I just upgraded to Pages 09, and used it last week and quickly produced what I wanted. Far better than any of the word processor options (I have Mellel, Nisus Writer Pro, and LibreOffice). The only other one that would handle this efficiently is Papyrus. I used it for a publishing a book (with about 100 photos) six years ago. Very reliable—never crashed. And I used it to produce printer-ready PDFs.

Since the original poster already has Mellel, he (or she?) could try it. I bet it would be very good at wht he is trying to do. Handling of pictures flowing with text seems more than adequate.


The OP also has Word <shudder!> and that would also do it. I, on the other hand, have tried Swift Publisher and found that it went haywire after more than half-a-dozen pages, so had to give it up. That was using alternate right-left page-layouts with a fair number of images. But of course, BeLight may well have cured that problem in the interim.
As you’re using a Mac, OP, any document can be printed to PDF, even if your software of choice doesn’t have an explicit export to PDF command.


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