I purchased Scrivener—at least I thought I did—and I can’t find the program anywhere. Does it actually exist???
How would I begin a project?

If you actually installed it, will be in the /Applications folder of your Mac. If purchased from Apple’s App Store, reinstall from there. If direct from Literature and Latte, re-download and reinstall per their instructions. How to start a project is covered in the documentation, along with the Tutorial easily accessed from the app.

I went to scrivener dot com but got a bunch of other websites.

Where is Scrivener? I have a receipt for purchase but I can’t find it online and nothing for installation was sent to me.
So now what? And why is this so difficult???

Surely the receipt gives the site from which you purchased. Not purchasing from Apple AppStore or from Literature and Latte Scrivener | Literature & Latte could go a long way to explain why you find it so difficult. Who knows what you bought? :wink:

You can download Scrivener, for Mac or Windows, here:

After that, your first step should be to go through the Interactive Tutorial, available from the Help menu, which will answer most “how do I get started” questions.

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