[SOLVED] Compile with 2 pages to a sheet?

I have been struggling to compile my document so that I can create a small booklet. What I was hoping to do was print two pages on a single sheet in landscape orientation so that when I fold the sheets together its creates a half sized booklet.

Is this possible using compile to pdf? or do I need to compile it to a Word document and reformat it from there?


Yes, you can do this, but you have to take advantage of the standard Mac OS X printing options, so you need to select “Print” instead of “PDF”. Then, in the print setup panel that appears, you can choose how many pages are printed per sheet in the “Layout” area (make sure you show all options in the print window), and instead of clicking on “Print”, click on the “PDF” button in the bottom right and select “Save to PDF…” (Choosing “PDF” pretty does the same thing but bypasses the print panel, and applies some extra attributes that are useful for PDFs designed for reading on the computer rather than being printed out.)

Ha! Very clever!

Thank you very much. That worked beautifully.

If you are printing booklets, you have to take into imposition into account:


Does Scrivener support imposition? I didn’t think Mac OS did so natively, though there are programs that do so.