[Solved] Is there a way to compile only a single folder?

When I compile, I understand that I can select each document I want or deselect what I don’t, but when you have a thousand scenes… okay not a thousand per se but you get the idea, it becomes rather tedious.

Is there a way to compile using only a single folder? Or choosing only certain folders and not having to deselect other documents not within those selected folders?

ETA: I did look for this first, but I couldn’t find a sufficient answer that addressed the version I have. If it’s there, I apologize for the double post but I didn’t seem to catch it. I’m sure someone must have asked about this.

Easy way is to create a new collection and put only what you want to compile in it. Then in the compile options, click the drop-down menu that says “Draft” or “Manuscript” and select the collection you created. Only that collection will then be compiled.

Aha! Excellent! I knew there had to be a way. I just love this thing! :smiley:

That was a fast answer too. You’re always so helpful. :mrgreen:

Or I guess—assuming the Windows version matches the Mac version on this—if you look just above the main pane of the compile dialog, there is a ‘cartouche’—for want of a better descriptor—where it probably says “Draft”—or I guess it might be "Manuscript, if you’ve used the Novel template—with a blue up-and-down caret symbol on the right end. If you click on that it gives you a dropdown menu with ‘Draft’ at the top, followed by a list of all your documents in the draft/manuscript, and then, at the bottom, “Current Selection” and “Search Results”.

From that, you can choose precisely the document(s) you wish to compile.

Another thing on the Mac, though I don’t know if this will work with Windows, is that if you hold down “Option” and click on a file in the contents pane, it acts as a toggle to turn on or off all the documents in the manuscript … a sort of “deselect all”/“select all”. Deselect with that, then you can choose just the document(s) you wish to compile.


Mr X

No need to create a collection; just choose the folder in the Binder, then in the compile dialog, choose current selection, and below the main pane click on “Include subdocuments” and away you go.


Mr X

Where do you see “current selection”? I can’t find that anywhere in my version. Maybe it’s too old, though (1.8.6)?

I’m on a Mac, so perhaps it hasn’t come to Windows, but if I click to open the dropdown where it says “Draft”, below that is a list of all the files in the draft folder, then below that, I have “Current Selection” followed by “Search Results”, as in these screenshots.

Screenshot 2016-03-02 16.07.43.png

Screenshot 2016-03-02 16.08.02.png

Mr X

Unless it’s in the new Windows version that I haven’t updated to yet, I think that’s a Mac-only feature right now. As you can see in my attachment, the dropdown menu you clicked in yours has the “Draft” (“Short Story” in my project), followed by Search Results and a list of collections (I have one in this project, “First Batch”).

A current selection option will definitely be nice to work with someday, though.

I don’t seem to have it either. I wish Mac and Windows were a bit more equal, but maybe one day. :wink:

That’s the plan, it just sucks waiting for it to happen.