[Solved] Ventura / Stage Manager bug

This only appears to happen when Scrivener is open. I’m not sure if Scrivener is doing something unusual to the application windows (I’m looking at you, PhotoShop) that could result in this slightly annoying behaviour.

  • Open a bunch of apps to populate Stage Manager
  • Open Scrivener
  • Occasionally when clicking between staged apps, the stage mini window ‘wobbles’ but doesn’t restore the window.
  • Occasionally, it restores the wrong window.

I only see this behaviour with Scrivener so far. I’ve been using a dozen large apps all day and they’re fine.

macOS 13.0 / 2021 MacBook Pro 16" M1-Max 32Gb.

That’s interesting. I just clicked on Scrivener then went to click back to Edge/Twitter and had to click twice and yes, it’s only happing from Scrivener. How curious.

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I have a different Ventura bug -

Scrivener shows up on the side of every desktop in Stage Manager

This happens whether Scrivener is open on that screen or not. No other App has this behaviour.

If I click on the ‘icon’ it brings up multiple other icons (presumably the other Scrivener documents I have open - although none are open on this desktop screen).

(I’ve brought this up in a ticket too - hopefully all of these get fixed)

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Thanks for these reports. I’ve transferred the notes over to a ticket to have them looked at.

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Gah, now I’m back writing solidly every day; this Stage Manager bug is super annoying. It breaks keyboard switching between Scrivener & other apps, too, as it consistently brings up the wrong application windows. I really hope this is an easy fix as it’s a big UX pain right now. I’d be happy to provide screen recordings or any other debugging if it assists in a fix.

My workflow is frequent switching (CMD+Tab) between Scrivener (actual writing), Safari (reference), Discord (sprint bots) and Numbers (tracking). Switching from Scrivener, the incorrect next application is focused (just bobbles Scrivener again), until you repeat the switch. Switching to Scrivener often has similar results. This only happens if Scrivener is open. Switching between all other apps when Scrivener is closed and Stage Manager / Application switching works perfectly.

Thanks, I’ve elevated the priority of the bug as it is breaking multitasking.

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I can confirm your observation. What surprises me even more: There seems to be a connection between the occasional Scrivener crashes I reported earlier and Stage Manager.
I deactivated the Stage Manager and everything works reliably again, as usual.
I will stay away from the function for now and use macOs as usual.

SM is just too useful for my general day-job workflow. (un) fortunately Scrivener is the only app that I’m seeing this with. I suppose I could toggle it when writing (you can add it to the menu bar for quick access, or bind it to a key-combo, I believe).

This bug appears to be fixed by today’s macOS Ventura 13.1 update. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Downloading now, fingers crossed.

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All is well with the world! :partying_face:

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Thanks for the updates on the situation, everyone. We’ll cross that one off the list!


Thanks for sorting, much appreciated.

Confirmed. macOS Ventura 13.1 appears to fix this, so chalked up to another Apple bug (now fixed). Big relief as this was by far the biggest pain point for me with Scrivener on the latest macOS.