[SOLVED] Where do the templates live, and can I copy them to another laptop?

I have a lot of customised templates for all sorts of stuff I do. Where do these templates live on the system, and can I just brutally copy them over from my trusty old Macbook to the same position on my shiny new empty one, and then just carry on as I was doing on the old machine?

Old laptap has El Capitan (10.11.6), and the new one, Sierra (10.12.1)



Yup! They are just files stored in the standard location for software support data, nothing brutal about it. :wink: There is a more comprehensive data migration article in the knowledge base that you’ll probably find useful. Skip down to the “Optional” heading if you’ve already got the installation part handled.

Thanks, AmberV! That was a rapid and easily understood reply which solved my issue in a trice!