Some Bugs & Suggestions

Versions: macOS Ventura 13.6, Scapple 1.4.2

  • Scapple crashes when using command + ` (European keyboards)

  • The app glitches when resizing its windows size (the footer bar and the top bar where the close/expand/minimize buttons reside)

  • I would love being able to manipulate and customize labels in “connect label”, rn they r static and you can’t even increase the font size

  • I think Tabs and a Tab Bar(show always or not always) would make things easier

  • Lock a component, I would like to lock a component and align other notes with this locked component(without changing it’s place). Current functionality works too, but it’s not ideal for every situation

danmartinvela, Thanks!

Could you have a look at the latest public beta build and see if that addresses either of the first two bugs? It’s okay to just run it from the Downloads folder if you don’t want to replace your Applications copy, or to give it another name and have both available—but at this point the beta is if anything more stable than the last release version.

And if not, what is the European keyboard precisely, how is it stated in the Input Sources menu, so I can test it. Is it the one that basically looks exactly like the US-EN layout, but with the € key more accessible? (I don’t know if the Mac even has that one.)

That said, do you mean Option+` instead of Command+`? Because I upon accident discovered that the former 100% crashes Scapple, so does any attempt to insert a “dead key” like that one, into nothing at all. If I have note open for editing it works as expected, though.

As to the rest, you will find all of these points discussed on the forum, and better threads to add any thoughts to as well.

Okay, I have replaced my version 1.4.2 for last version I have found).

  1. cmd + ` still completely crashes the application!
  2. the window still glitches/blinks when resizing different windows
  3. I do see that moving around glitch has been fixed, space bar + double tab for moving around used to fail, had to double tap and double tap again… now only one double tab is enough, great!

I’m attaching some screenshots, thanks!

the platform doesn’t let me upload any files. is there an email address available?

You should be able to post screenshots and files now.

I still would need to know what keyboard layout you are using. The shortcut for toggling between windows works fine for me, but maybe I’ll have to reboot to macOS 13 to see it (currently testing stuff in the new OS).

Same for the window resizing thing, I need to know a little more about that, like does it happen with a brand new window when you start the software, or do you have to put things into it first, or have 15 windows open, how are you resizing it (the Window ▸ Zoom command?) that kind of stuff.

Of course. Magic Keyboard – Deutsch - Apple (DE)

I was thinking of the EurKEY layout, but are you saying the standard German keyboard layout crashes Scapple? That’s all I need to know, which input source in system settings causes the crash (the hardware matters less).

No. I guess that was a misunderstanding on my part, thinking you asked if the Mac has a dedicated key. Sorry. (And also: No, it doesn’t crash Scapple, just tried to reproduce the bug, but I’m on Sonoma.)

Thanks for checking. Yeah, I did get a chance to reboot to 13, and got no crash there either, but it may matter where the ` key is or how the input source uses it. Is it a natural (unmodified) dead key like on a Spanish keyboard, for instance, or just a literal punctuation mark key like on mine.

okay, I’m attaching some files, Hopefully they help.
About the window resizing, it occurs with any window, with or without notes. I’m attaching a screenshot that tries to explain that too.


Attaching another screensho, now curiously is only blinking the grey stripe at the top…

Thanks. Okay the “blinking” is related to why the window lost its tabs a few years ago. That’s all normal Apple window behaviour for this style of window, believe it or not. Edge elements can flicker on and off based on whether it feels it would be confusing or not to pretend there isn’t a title bar, which can become distracting and erratic looking if you are resizing just at that threshold point where it is or is not at that condition. At least, I think that is why it works that way. Honestly, I’ve never understood it! There is a ticket open about it though, because I don’t know many people that feel giving up tabbed windows is worth not seeing a title bar for a few seconds in Light Mode only.

On the keyboard layout, is that the European Spanish layout? I am not familiar enough with all of the subtle regional variances to be certain. If it is though, I’ve already tested with that, and cannot reproduce the crash. Does that shortcut normally work fine, in something simple, like TextEdit?

What I can do is crash Scapple immediately by pressing the ` key, to the right of the p key. But that’s the bug I already noted above about dead keys crashing it. Command would override that behaviour, and does for me, normally.

it states as a Spanish keyboard in the settings app.
yeah, I think a tab bar would be great, not only would remove the “blinking” but it would also help when managing multiple documents. is it too difficult to implement?

Okay, we tried the same one then. Well that is interesting you get a crash with this keyboard but I do not.

While in the Keyboard section of settings, click the Keyboard Shortcuts... button, and within the “Keyboard” tab, double-check that the shortcut to move focus to the next window is indeed set to ⌘`.

Then you may try, when it is convenient to do so, logging out of your account and then logging back in, holding down the Shift key the moment after you submit your password. Keep it held down for the duration of the login. This will stop background utilities and such from launching. If there is some other program using this shortcut and conflicting with Scapple, then you at least know to look through those kinds of programs.

It’s not that the old window style is difficult, it’s that it was felt this window style looks so good it was worth not having tabs over. :person_shrugging:

okay, it looks like I have cmd + º instead of cmd + . I will try to change it! okay, now it changes the window instead... idk what is happening in the background tho... is cmd + like a SIGEND signal or something?

ohhh, it looks good indeed, I specially like having Tab bars with everything… but yeah it’s not a major bug… are you intending to mantain Scapple and add functionalities over time?

My only guess is that for some reason the Command signal is not being recognised as part of what you typed, so it is sending the ` signal straight through, and as noted above, this can instantly crash Scapple.

I believe the first goal is to try and get tabs working with the look, and if that doesn’t work, maybe just going back to the old title bar. I don’t know what the schedule is like in the long-term, but right now the development focus for Scapple is on the iOS version. :slight_smile:

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thanks for the clarifications!
the app looks good, and I hope you keep developing it!
I would contact u if I see any other bugs… thanks for everything

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