Some feedback about tables and pasting

Hello again. Thanks again again for the software! I’ve been using the insert table function a lot recently and I’ve found it is unfortunatly very annoying to use - especially on a laptop. Could you make it so that when you insert a table it doesn’t jump to the top of the document? It would also be super handy if the table insert function worked like the one on other writing software. Basically, those give you a grid of boxes as a dropdown and you select your table size that way. That means the whole thing is done in two clicks. If not, please could you make it so it defaults to the last used settings, and has the warning about deleting content underneath it instead of as an annoying popup?

It would also be super helpful if cutting and pasting didn’t affect word count. Or if you had an option to turn that on and off.

Lastly, my biggest wish of all is a cuttings board that stores all text you copy paste as a list - like in your phone keyboard.

Thanks a lot!

You didn’t state your operating system. But if it’s Windows, then you already have a “cuttings board” available to you, as Windows 10 has a built-in clipboard manager.


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There are also lots of dedicated clipboard managers on macOS, or programs that include this functionality (like Alfred), so I would be surprised if Scrivener incorporated one. :thinking:

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Ah thank you. I’ve tried that now and it’s very convenient. Though the tables etc are still annoying

It isn’t a true clipboard manager, but the Scratchpad can be a very useful home for copied text that you might want to revisit.

But… it affects word count.
If the words come from outside Scrivener, you just didn’t write those words, but they have to be added to the word count.
If you cut the words and paste them outside of Scrivener, it’s as if you didn’t write those words, so they need to be subtracted from the word count.

AFAIK, tables are inserted at the text caret position, so place your caret where you’d like the table to appear, before hitting the Table button on the Format Toolbar.

I think there may be a misunderstanding. I don’t mean the total document word count. I mean the daily “words typed today” word count? If I chop something out of one chapter and add it to another, I don’t want my words typed count to increase by 2000. Only the total count for that chapter document. The same goes for my notes. I would at least like the option to not count it when cutting and pasting because - as far as I’m concerned - the current system makes the words typed counter useless. I have to guess what I’ve actually written each day.

When I insert a table it appears at the marker. Yes. But my screen view jumps back to the beginning of the document every time. And then I have to page down to get to the table. Basically, the table spawns fine. It’s the having to go find it after that is the problem.

I can confirm this behavior, must be annoying in large documents with many tables. Didn’t notice it before…

Perhaps the solution would be to put the table in its own document. When you’re satisfied with it, you could merge documents if you needed.



Yeah it’s pretty frustrating. I wish it worked like modern office software where you can just click a position on a drop down grid to get a table. No need to get a little warning popup worrying that you might delete data that doesn’t exist.

Oh I do do that, but it’s super frustrating to copy and paste tables too.