Some fonts have just disappeared? [solved]

Hi there,

I’m having a little problem. I’m one of the writers who only feel comfortable if they can use a certain font when typing their novel … I know that’s rather a detail.

However: I got a new laptop and installed Scrivener on it, then entered the registration code (I had Scrivener installed on my old computer) and everything seemed to be fine. There is apparently an eSellerate-error, but I had this with my netbook, too, and it soon worked.

Now I opened my projects and saw that Scrivener had changed the default font to Helvetica everywhere, whilst I had used Book Antiqua. When trying to change back, I saw that neither Book Antiqua nor Garamond is any longer included in the list of fonts.

Now apart from my wish to get back my favourite fonts, I wonder what has happened? I downloaded the Windows version for Scrivener yesterday February 29. When I open Microsoft Word and Libre Office, they both have the fonts in question.

What has (probably) happened and what can I do to get these fonts back, and fully enjoy Scrivener once again?

Thanks in advance!

Redacted because I need to read better. Apologies. Could you double-check where the fonts in question are stored on your computer? Scrivener should be just pulling from your available system fonts, using the standard fonts panel, so I’m not sure off the top of my head why you’d have them available some places but not showing up there.

First, sorry if my post has been kind of confused!

And thanks for giving me the idea. Since I could see the fonts in Word, I thought Scrivener might have an own databank with its fonts.

I discovered that - strange enough - the missings fonts could indeed be used in Word, but would not appear in the standard fonts panel. I now tricked the system by installing an older version of Word, and - here we go again! All my missing darlings are back and also appear in Scrivener. Sometimes it just takes a little push into the right direction.

Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

Huh, very interesting. I really have no idea how Word or LibreOffice handle their fonts–I’d have assumed the same, just pulling from the system/user installed fonts, but maybe they do something else as well; I’ll have to look into that when I have a spare moment. I’m glad meanwhile you’ve got things working for you to get your fonts available in Scrivener again!

It sounds to me like the fonts weren’t installed, and when you installed an older version of Word it included the missing fonts.

Word simply accesses your installed system fonts, however it does font replacement if the font for a document isn’t present. If the font can’t be selected in Word’s standard fonts window, but when you open the document the font name is there, that means Word is substituting it with a different font because you don’t have the font bound to the file. It will display the original font in the font window in Word, but the font being displayed in your document is actually its replacement , which will be a different installed font (Word substitutes fonts based on a variety of different criteria which you can change in your settings).