Some glyphs cannot be typed in with custom keyboard layouts

I noticed an odd bug, Scivener seems to “Filter out” certain glyphs from being typed in with a custom keyboard layout, but will still allow them to be pasted in from another program.

The story I am working on involves using a made up alphabet, some obscure letters such as Ꝭ,ꝭ, ẞ and Ᵹ ❪Its worth noting lower-case ß and ᵹ can be typed❫ do not type in scrivener but do work in every other program.

Seems like an odd bug that I thought was worth pointing out.

What is the keyboard layout you’re using? I’ve seen an occasional odd input bug before with certain layouts or IMEs that don’t work well with the Qt framework Scrivener’s build upon. Is this from one of the usual Windows language packs or a custom layout you created or downloaded elsewhere?

It’s a custom layout that I created myself.