Some questions about Scriptwriting.....

Hello all!

I have a few questions about using Scrivener for scriptwriting:

I would like to tweak the elements so that they always behave the same way whenever I start a new script. I’m pretty sure that I just make the changes that I want to each element, and then go into the script settings menu, click manage and then “save for use with other projects.” However, when I then create a new project, none of those changes are there. So then I go to “load from file” and a window opens that does not contain the preferences I saved-- nor am I able to find the preferences anywhere in my Finder. Oi. This is FURTHER complicated by the fact that I work on two computers, and once I get one computer working I have to do the same adjustments on the other. And/or if I reinstall Scrivener, I have to do it again.

Is there a simple way to standardize the scriptwriting elements so that I will always have them the way that I want, with every project, without having to fiddle, either by finding/loading a preferences file or by changing the elements over and over?

Related: sometimes when I add, change or save an element, a dialogue box pops up, that says “Convert from Old - Screenplay to New - Screenplay” and under this a table of elements. I can’t predict when this dialogue box will pop up, and I’m not sure what it’s doing. I did notice that when I escape out of it, much of the tab/return behavior of my elements is changed and I have to redo all those settings. What is that dialogue box, why is it popping up, and how can I treat it with respect?

Perhaps you can point me to a section of the help document that answers these questions. I would be so grateful. I wasn’t able to sort it out myself.