Some Suggested Dummies Topics

Some topics that seem helpful for such a book…

  1. Many examples of how novelists use and fit features into their writing process, including sample scene titles, document notes, tag sets, link usage, color meanings, etc.
  2. The whole compilation process and options
  3. The Windows version as more than a side-thought (although ongoing sidebars might work). The risk, of course, it that it might make the book seem out of date a bit faster.
  4. A good description of how to get started in a very simple way (what’s a suggested first approach to Scrivener to get started effectively), plus a list of potential next steps (with the item and a short description of what it is and how it might help) so people know how to use more features, and what they might do for them.
  5. A short list of the most valuable/popular keyboard shortcuts
  6. Survey results with a ranking of the most popular features and how people use them
  7. Using Scrivener with multiple devices and Dropbox (or equivalent)
    8 ) Simple explanation of how to use MML
  8. Various ways of getting writing projects in and out of Scrivener
    – Outlines/Mind Maps into Scrivener via OPML
    – MS Word (or other major word processor) into Scrivener and vice-versa
    – Storyist (e.g. for iPad): How to get a project into Scrivener

Hope something here is helpful. Look forward to seeing the book.