Something nice, please!

My fellow humans,

Over the past few years I have come to rely on this forum to provide an antidote to the toxins of my daily existence, but today I am having an especially stressful day, and so reading questions about application functionality and just when we can expect to see a version of Scrivener on BlackberryOS aren’t quite cutting it (^1).

I would therefore be hugely grateful if you could find it in your hearts to say something positive about your writing, your lives, or just about anything (as long as it’s positive).


(^1) - it’s me, not you. Normally reading about these things entertains me enormously.


Fixed a long term bug in my database coding which makes me very happy. Also worked out how to implement a long-standing requirement and that makes me happy too.


My cat woke me very gently this morning, purring loudly and then settling down to cuddle for a bit after I acknowledged him.


This cute furball likes to hop up on my desk. She will fuss until I partition a part of my external monitor and start her chipmunk and bird videos. She’ll then hang out and nap while I work.

She has picked right up with being my work buddy after her fur-sibling crossed the rainbow bridge in December.

After all, an unsupervised human cannot be condoned. :smile_cat:


Thanks, @reepicheep @kewms and @RuthS! Just what I needed! :grinning:

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Watch Sam Tucker. He has the latest Blackberry—released in 2022.

And for the cat lovers, he has a Kitti, too.


Max wakes me up early for his breakfast, and my coffee.


And if that wasn’t enough, after three heart attacks in two years and almost weekly angina attacks, my new cardiologist believes he has found the reason - arterial spasms.

After taking me off the go to drug given after heart attacks and changing another, I have had the best month since the ‘big one’ almost 3 years ago when my wife was allowed in to say goodbye in breach of Covid regs. (Being a stubborn Yorkshire/Kiwi/Aussie I didn’t go along with their plans)

So I guess that is something SUPER positive!! :grin: :grin: :grin:


It’s a rounding error away from March here on the Coast-o-Maine and we’ve still got half of last winter’s firewood left. Though . . . I suppose a doom-and-gloomer could attribute that to Climageddon V2.0.

But who thinks that far ahead when the bird feeders have so many new emigre clients for the cats to be outraged about?