Something weird happening with copy and paste

When I copy a paste from another text editor and I press my ‘alt+shift+7’ key to change it to the the style I want, I get this weird font you see at the top of the pic. It’s supposed to look like the text at the bottom of the pic. Here’s the weird part. If I do a copy and paste in any other chapter the copy, paste, and style change works just fine. It’s only in the chapter I’m working in now. I have tried the following:

  1. Redefine style from selection on some text that was correctly defined. It redid the style for the entire book.

  2. Closed Scrivener and reopened it.

Any other ideas?

Screenshot 2024-03-16 174906

Now This chapter, and only this chapter, is doing this when I hit the enter key twice. What the heck?

Your document is in Script Mode.

Press Ctrl+8


Thanks, I wonder how in John Wayne’s butt I initiated that.

It normally happens when a writer’s brain slips into sleep mode.

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