Something wrong with special characters ?

In some of my documents, I use a fat arrow from Wingdings.
(In Word’s “replace while writing” list, you type “==>” and this fat arrow from Wingdings comes out without having to change font back to text font.)

Now, this arrow, which did import fine until 049 does no longer show on the screen.

It is not the font that is not supported :
On importing a file contianing one of these arrows, I noticed that it had been replaced by three other Wingdings characters (all different).
So I opened Scrivener’s character map, which imported exactly the same characters by chosing this arrow in Wingdings font.

To check what is happening there, I made a new rtf file in Word, with only some of these arrows inside (written the same way as usual, by typing “==>” and letting Word replace them.
In the rtf file, they show up fine.
Once imported into Scrivener, they are not even replaced by something else (neither the three characters that I found in the other file, nor the question mark, that should appear on screen).

I hope this is the right place to talk about this… :confused:

Until now, I thought that the problems with accented characters on compile was only happening in imported documents, and that this was maybe a problem between Scrivener and Word.
Now, I just typed a few lines in Scrivener, and get the same problem on compile : SOME accented letters are written in Courier New (although in Scrivener they aren’t).

Also : After having managed to get some special characters looking fine in Scrivener, I get them as simple letters, once compiled to Word (changing the font to Wingdings makes appear the character I wanted there)