Sometimes iCloud sucks... on purpose

“this throttling doesn’t appear to involve iCloud Drive at all … . Throttling only affects shared data that relies on CloudKit.” (My take: iCloud Drive also sucks sometimes, but at least naturally, not artificially!)

And before you reply that it always works for you flawlessly: Great! You lucky bastard!

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That might explain why I’ve struggled with Ulysses sync speed a lot. Enough to give up on it eventually. And bless, the poor support at Ulysses suggesting it was a problem with iCloud sub or space, whereas it’s a Cloudkit issue, not an iCloud issue…


Yes, I’ve mostly switched back to Scrivener a while ago, partly due to Ulysses’ sync anomalies (and for other reasons – Ulysses is a nice program, but Scrivener just matches my brain a lot better. I’ve been using computers a long time, and Scrivener just seems less trendy and more computer-ish, if that respnates with any of you. And that I like.

But thus iCloud issue got me to wondering about the new L&L app, which will be using iCloud to sync. This was a feature I thought would be attractive, but now I wonder if the new app will be likewise afflicted. If so, I will likely stay with “classic” Scrivener and deal with Dropbox. DB syncing may be a PITA, but it’s been dead realiable for me over the years. (YMMV)


IYKYK. That is, beta testers of the new app already have an answer to this question, and we are not commenting outside of the beta forum.

I don’t think, though, that we ever said iCloud would be the only sync option.

Thanks, Kewms! Still loving Scrivener, but like many I’m curious to see the new app. Thanks for all your hard work and generosity on these forums.

iCloud is the worst cloud syncing platform I’ve ever used. And I’ve been using cloud sync before it even had that name. But I’ve learned to master it.

On the iOS device, open the Calendar app and go to the “calendars” section. This is the part that displays personal calendars, holidays, birthdays, etc. Pull down on the screen and release. That forces the iOS device to sync.

For Mac, there is a shortcut available that forces iCloud to shut down, reopen and re-sync. Here’s the Apple support doc on it: Mac icloud sync