Sometimes it's nice to say thank you

I spent my career writing software. I know how hard it is. Now I’m hoping to write novels. Everyone uses Word and so did I. But, I just assumed there was something better - something purpose built for the writer. And then I found Scrivener and I knew that someone, somewhere truly understands the needs of a writer. I know it was hard work to create and I know it takes real effort to keep it up to date, fix bugs and make people happy with it. So - from this humble, 50 year veteran programmer to the creators and maintainers of Scrivener - Thanks! You did good. It’s a beautiful program,

Many thanks for the kind words! My apologies for the late acknowledgement, too - I was busy getting 3.2.2 ready for release before Christmas. I’m glad you’re finding Scrivener useful.

Happy holidays,