Sonoma behavior Bug?

I’m not looking for support, but I though this might be useful.

Clicking on the Draft Folder in the Binder should display the entirety of what is in it.

When I do so, with a project of 1.1 mil. words (who knew I could talk so much?) it does not display. This was not an issue before I upgraded to Sonoma 14.0

It’s been 6 mins as of this writing and the folder appears blank.

The upgrade was done from the beta to the public release.

Are you in Scrivenings mode? It’s not unusual for preferences to change unexpectedly after a new OS release.

Are you seeing a spinning pinwheel or other evidence that Scrivener is “working,” or just a blank editor?

Do smaller Scrivenings sessions work as expected?

I am in Scrivenings mode. There is no pinwheel, just a blank editor. Smaller scrivenings work fine.

Could you download the test project in this post, and duplicate some of those folders a couple of times, to bring it up to 1m words? The project is at about half a million.

If that loads Scrivenings successfully, your next goal would be to change any project settings to make it conform to how your large project is set up. Page view, line numbering, editor zoom, anything along those lines that would change how the editor functions. For the best results, I would recommend viewing one item alone, changing a setting, and then clicking back on Draft to see if that causes the problem, one by one. That way if it suddenly stops working, there is a high chance it is that one setting.