Sonovel - Have you heard about it?

Have you heard about the new writing software called Sonovel? Available for Windows & MacOS.
You can find it here

Their website is quite light on info. For example, I can’t see details on pricing anywhere, and other than a few highlighted examples, no feature list / explanation. So I don’t see why (from the limited screenshots) this would even be any better than using even the notes app that come with your Mac (with the possible exception that it had a word count).

It doesn’t look like they have a lawyer yet, because if they did they wouldn’t have used a phrase like “ensuring [your data is] safe under any circumstances”.

Finally, for an app that’s only out on Mac and Windows… they have iOS screenshots?

This doesn’t exactly scream professional yet.

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Does nothing to generate confidence.

Apart from an email address, no location, no phone, no about, no nothing.

Their email contact is to another domain that’s been registered and parked since 2003 but nothing other than the email account.


If you read their terms and conditions(^1) you’ll learn they are in South Korea and require you to sue them in South Korean courts if you have a problem.

(^1) - who reads the terms and conditions, you ask? This guy. Even for products and services he doesn’t use.


It’s almost as if they didn’t get the memo that every generic new “writing app” needs “A.I.” or something. That’s how you get the folks on Reddit, who want to be writers without having to write, to hand over their data to an anonymous entity hiding behind a shady website! :crazy_face:

문제 없습니다! :see_no_evil:

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They certainly don’t make it easy to figure out, but my take is that it’s primarily a cloud-based (Google drive?) app that you can access from anywhere via Google Chrome browser. They also offer desktop versions, if you wish to “Focus solely on your tasks without web browser distractions!” But even with the desktop version, “Internet connection is required”.

Makes sense. The website does come across as ESL.


Looks like all the others.

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I didn’t go that far down the rabbit hole. I decided it was too shonky and besides, I have Scrivener and [redacted] :grin:

Post edited because we’re not in the Mystery App Beta forum.

If I stop procrastinating with things like reading the long form terms and conditions for apps I’ll never even entertain using, I’ll have to maybe actually finish a piece of writing and come to terms with the fact that I’m really just a talentless hack.

So, yeah. South Korea jurisdiction clause.

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Nice try.
You are not gonna fool us. We all know you have too much imagination for that to be true.

Thanks for reading the whole of the EULA btw. I was this close --><-- from buying the app. :rofl: :crazy_face:

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oops! :man_facepalming:

And rubbish stuff to get to 23