Sorry for this stupid question...

… and for my english (I’m french !)
But i don’t have a lot of time to further research
When I want to print a current document, there’s only the title and the synopse on the page. I can’t manage to make the whole text appear ?

What should I check ?

Thank you (and thanks a lot for that very nice soft !!!)

There is no such thing as a stupid question, only stupid answers, they say. However, I hope this one is not a stupid answer.
Try selecting the document to print from the binder and make sure your active view is not in outline or corkboard mode but in textmode, hit command-p and it should work - it does work here. Selecting a document in outline mode prints the information displayed there, not the document itself.

Good luck.

You can also choose Compile Draft and get many more options for compiling and printing–there you can choose whether to print document titles or not, and specify many things about output format, etc.

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are you printing just a singe doc from the binder or the contents of a folder? If the latter you want to look at using the compile draft.

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None of your answers was stupid. Congratulations everybody…

I know the way of compiling… But sometimes it’s easy to print quickly a doc…

So i’m trying to print an open document (from the cmd P) or from the binder with an active view as document…
In the printing menu i’ve got a white page with only the title…

So of course I may use the compile menu, but I’d like to understand why it doesn’t work in the “direct way” (cmd P)

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I’m still want to print a single document directly with the “cmd P” without using compile mode

So if I select a doc in the binder, with the active view as textmod, the print is only the title… The whole text doesn’t appear !!!

If somebody may help me, thank you (remember i’m french so please talk to me as you were talking to a three boy old)


Well, for all I know it should work as stated before since it works that way with my documents. Are you sure you have selected a document and not a document folder?
Otherwise - ask Keith. It is all his fault anyway :smiley:

Are you trying to print a text or is the outline visible? Is the document selected in the binder? Could you maybe post a screenshot of your project at the point you hit cmd-P?

The doc is selected, and there’s a text to print but I can print only the title

Sorry If i’m doing something wrong

A screenshot is attached

Wait, go to Page Setup - File > Page Setup (shift-cmd-P) and select “Scrivener” from the “Settings” pop-up button. In the options tab in the panel that appears, check what elements you have selected for print. I bet at some point you have messed around with this setting and set it to title-only.
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I’m really and deeply sorry, KB, last night I open the page setup and i missed the “scrivener” option in the panel

Sorry to make you loose your time…

All the best, thank you

Uh, something learned. Never noticed them…

No need to apologise at all! Glad it helped you get things sorted out.
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