Sorry if this is a dumb question

Hey, I’ve got this scrivener file which was originally created on my Mac version. I am using windows version now. All my html notes and pages are in the webarchive file format, so they do not work. Is there anyway I may correct this? Thanks for any tips, I appreciate it!

There’s no way to convert the .webarchive files in Scrivener, but the original URL should appear in the editor footer, and you can click that to load the webpage in your default browser and then re-import the page as a PDF or in the MHT format. Alternatively, if you need the archived version, you can download Safari for Windows and open the .webarchive there (via the link in Scrivener’s editor), then re-import in a different format. Possibly there’s some extension you could get for another browser that would allow it to open .webarchive files, but I’m not aware of any programs other than Safari that would read it by default.

I’m afraid this is still a bit of a problem. :frowning:

As I’m constantly switching between Windows (at home) and mac/iOS (on the road) I’d have to duplicate the web page imports for my research.

iOS -> Win: Apple has dropped the support for Safari on Windows quite a while ago, and .webarchives saved with iOS do not feature the original URL in the Windows version’s editor footer (just an unclickable path to the file on the hard drive).

Win -> iOS: Importing as Complete Webpage (MHT) works ok on the PC (although the document is opened in an external browser) but on iOS devices the file is just blank, and no URL can be retrieved, not even from the info view.

Isn’t there an interchangable format for web pages that can be used (and easily implemented) by both eco systems?
I suppose not, so am I overlooking some special settings in Scrivener?
Or what is the workflow other both-sides-users follow?

Any help is appreciated. :slight_smile:


  • Don [:-]

Edit: Just found the KB article regarding this issue. It suggests converting the web pages to PDF. This might work - however, the generated PDFs seem to be graphics, not text, so there is no easy way of copying excerpts from them. :frowning:

Can you use one of the browsers on your systems to perform the conversion to PDF/saved HTML and import that into your research folder, instead of trying to do the conversion in Scrivener? Or use some other program like (I know, I know, people are going to hate me for this) Word, then import it as RTF?