Sorry Keith, don't have a lot of support info for a crash

Hi Keith,

I was working on my project under 10.7.4. and Scrivener 2.3 (19120) on a MacBook Air. I was moving documents between folders, nary a problem in the past. Then I got a beach ball that didn’t go away for five minutes, so I force-quit Scrivener. [I haven’t had to commit that act of violence in years, so I thought I’d send you the crash report in case you could catch something from it to help you in your endeavors.] I wish I could tell you exactly what I was doing at the time, but it didn’t seem that I was attempting anything extraordinary, so I don’t remember the details, and all I can say is that I had a project open, I was editing with two editors, possibly the inspector was open, and I tried to move a doc from one folder to another, and then BAAHM, the beach ball.

All the best to you for 2013. I am constantly appreciative of your software.


PS I thought I had submitted the crash report, but there’s a problem in my upload to the board. I’ll keep trying. Stay posted …

PPS I’m new to Lion. When I saved a copy of the crash report it was given the extension .hang which was not accepted by the Scrivener board. Lord knows! But to get you the info I copied the text of the crash report into a txt file, see attached.

PPPS What? Now I’m told by the board that the .rtf extension is not accepted. Obviously I am doing something wrong. I will email you the crash report. sorry for bumbling this!

Thanks, Phil. We’re all back from the Christmas holidays today, so we have a few emails to go through - I’ll look out for yours. For future reference, if the boards refuse to upload a file because of its extension, try zipping it up (ctrl-click on it in the Finder and select “Compress ‘filename’…”). The boards will accept .zip files.

Thanks again and all the best,