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Hi, I stumbled across S last week and instantly imported my novel in progress, which has 250000 words, and organised the whole thing. I loved it, I brought it. Congrats, Keith. I will be using it or the rest of my life. (Fellow Tauruses will now be saying: and he means it, too). Now, how do you sort words and things into lists? I am a list maker from way back, and I collect interesting words, names, places, etc. i also want to be able to order lists of dates, and so on. But I can’t find the sort thingy. Please don’t tell me I can sort them as separate index cards as it is morning here in Sydney and I still feel serene from my meditation. Also, how do I link an index card to a word in the text, or to every occurrence of that word. Say I have description of an interior or a person and I want to be able to see it everytime I use it for a scene (because it might be long). Is there a hyperlink system for that? Do I even know what I’m talking about? PS: my next challenge will be to get an avatar. I’ve been using computers for a long time but I’m a writer, not a computer recluse.

Sorry to burst the zen state, but there isn’t any kind of paragraph sorting, just card sorting as you already noted. You might check Devon Technologies WordServices system-wide plug-in. I’m not sure, but there might be something in there for sorting text.

Select a range of text and then right-click on the selection. There will be an option to create a “Scrivener Link”. You can drag Binder elements and drop them into the text area (or from a Corkboard or Outliner split). If you keep accidentally loading the thing you meant to link to, try locking the editor first (Cmd-Opt-L). Note this is a text to text link, not a text to “index card” link. When you click on it you’ll go to the associated text file for that card.

You cannot just automatically link up hundreds of words, though. The feature isn’t really meant for that kind of thing, and there is nothing like SuperNoteCard’s link guesser, which puts a temporary link into what you type whenever you type the name of another index card.

Amber’s intuition: prescient as ever.

In the DT Services set of commands called Format, appear these two commands:
Sort Lines Ascending
Sort Lines Descending

Lines would mean all text up to a Return, so paragraphs would sort, but you’d need an alpha or numeric code at the front of the 'graph to make them sort in a desired order.

Got it, thanks. Also, how do I save save a chapter as a word doc after it has been chopped into 10 docs in the binder without permanently merging them? when I went to merge all of the docs in a chapter i got a message warning me that this could not be undone, so naturally, I chickened out.

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In Compile Draft, check the items you want to export. Select Export Format: and choose the variety of MS Word you want, .doc or .docx. Give the draft a name.

Or, select the items you want to copy and click Edit Scrivenings. Then select all, copy; open a Word file and paste. Give the Word file a name. (I wouldn’t trust this method with a large file.)

Thanks everyone. Sorry I went off the topic.