Sound files?

Keith in another post suggested using Scrivener to transcribe interviews, by importing a sound file, then splitting the screen between it and a new doc – which is your transcript. This is a neat idea but when I tried it, all my sound files were grayed out and thus not importable. They’re .mov and .wma files from my Olympus digital recorder.

Anyone have any tips or thoughts?


BUT, on the other hand, dragging an icon into the Draft/Research/Clippings pane DOES work. So this is a minor bump. D

I’m going to guess that you had something in the Draft folder selected when you tried to import. Sound files cannot be imported into the Draft folder, and the Import > Files feature imports at the current selection, so if you have something selected in the Draft folder when you go to use this feature, only text files will be available. If the Research or another folder is selected, sound files should import fine.