Sound like a typewriter

A feature that in itself is completely useless, but that I would love nevertheless: the option to make it sound like an old typewriter when typing. I really like almost everything with Scrivener, but something I really miss from the old days is the homely sound from a typewriter. Mechanical keyboards in all their glory, but they are no typewriters.

Welcome to the forum, Fizz.

On the Mac, there’s an app (actually a preference pane) called Keyclick, although I don’t think that it’s been updated in nearly four years. There may also be others (and some previous threads on this forum - for example [url]]). I find it hard to believe that there’s nothing for Windows.

P.S. Just tested my copy of Keyclick for the first time in several years (and after several versions of OS X). It works perfectly, including the bell!

I’ve tried a few but they are usually updated many years ago and usually sound very “flat”.

I used ClicKey for Windows, for a year or two, and really liked it. Then I bought a mechanical keyboard; lot of dough, but worth every cent.