Space between end of page text and footnotes bar

I’m wondering why I get random extra space on some pages between the end of the text (which has no line break) and the footnote section. Please see photos: first image is a screen shot of the compiled PDF with the mysterious space. Second image is from within Scrivener on page view.

Take a look at the page after where the gap is - there’s a footnote on the first line (after “Mother India”). If that line had not been moved down (creating the gap), there would be no space on the page for its associated footnote. Obviously, the lines on which footnotes appear have to be kept on the same page as the footnote itself. You’ll see this sort of behaviour in any app that supports footnotes.

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Is there a new beta since aug 15? I can’t find the download anywhere.

Maybe the Mac Tech Support forum is not the ideal place for that question?

Dang it. well, you can tell I’m desparate, didn’t even notice. thanks. I’ve posted all over the boards and no info yet. have been using beta for months and suddenly it’s just…gone. So frustrating.

Have a look at the reply to your post in the Windows Beta forum.