Spaces not recognised in Full Project Search

If you want to search for the word “tin” (noun) as opposed to anything containing the three letters …tin… (continue, exacting, etc.) you will have great difficulty in Full Project Search.

If you add a space after tin ("tin ") it doesn’t recognise the space.
Better still would be to have a “whole word only” option.

Have you tried the “Whole Word” option? It’s selectable when you click on the loupe icon within the search field.

Thanks for that… and now I know what a loupe is as well!

When searching for spaces at the start/end of a word , I would recommend using RegEx.
At the moment leading/trailing spaces are automatically trimmed as they are treated as separators for multi-word searches. You can also try using double quotes and put the spaces within the quotes.

Qt RegEx documentation can be found: