Spacing and indents in template sheets

I have set a template document to single spacing with no indent. My default editor settings are for double-spaced lines with an indent. I set up the template so I wouldn’t have to manually change those two elements each time I create a new document for freelancing. I need the default setting as they are for writing my manuscripts.

So is there a way to get the spacing and indents to stay as intended when using a template document?

I would really appreciate any help with this, please.

Just to clarify, have you put any text into the template with which to store your custom formatting? If you input formatting commands without subsequently typing, all that changes the attributes for is the cursor—or how things will be when you start typing, thus if you then leave that document the formatting on the cursor will be the destroyed (the cursor isn’t saved into the file).

Thank you, AmberB. I only had a few words of text in the index card but the template document was blank, ready for me to work on. I added one word, which I can now highlight and type over when I create a new document from the template, and that does the trick. 8)