Spacing Problem -- Possible Bug


Spacing has been a big issue for me since importing my MS to Scrivener about 2 months ago. Much of my spacing had gone kaput and I redid all of it over a period of a week or so. Since then, I find that the program is changing the spacing on me in what seems to be an arbitrary way. I’ve noted the instances in which spacing changes and how it changes and here’s what I have to report.

First, the changes appear to be within paragraphs, not at the ends.

Second, they always include the addition of spaces after a period. I don’t know yet whether this occurs after other punctuation. I don’t think it occurs within sentences. Will have to observe more.

At least a few times that I can document, the addition of spaces has occurred after using find and replace. HOWEVER, I only recently began using the find/replace function and the problem with spacing predates that.

I want to reiterate that the addition of spaces comes after multiple editing of scenes, in large part for spacing. I’m trying to standardize the spacing after periods so this bug is really hitting me where I’ve been trying to be “perfect.”

My OS is Vista, with all the current Service Paks. Computer is a Dell Inspiron 1520.

I edit every day and often use find/replace so I’ll keep trying to replicate the problem.