Spammer Hell

Arrrgggghhh. My blog has just been seriously attacked by spammers. Around 100 comments along the lines of “great site! Love the colour scheme!” with a link to some health insurance company. Spammers are just complete scum, end of. It makes me soooo angry. Do they really think anybody is going to buy from a site that engages in such underhand tactics - the defacing of other sites? Anyway, I’ve removed most of the comments, but not all. I’ve also had to change the settings so that only registered Blogger members will be able to post - that should provide a little security at least.


Too right. Spammers arer just a waste of skin. I’ve spent far too long blocking botnet IP addresses from posting to my blog.

The reason they spam forums is not to get anyone to follow the links - it is to boost the number of pages linking to a particular URL. The theory is that this will fool the Google bots into thinking that because a particular page is linked often, it must be a good site. In other words, it is advertising but not for human consumption.