Spanish language typos (how could I change it?)

Hi guys, I noticed that in Spanish, when you compile, Chapte 7 (“Capítulo Siete”) is called “Siente” instead of “Siete”. Furthermore, there is no tick on the numbers, for example “Capítulo Veintidos” should be “Capítulo Veintidós”.

I wanted to use Scrivener to compile my eBook and upload it to Kindle, but I can’t do it with these typos, I guess I’ll have to modify it in Word, unless there is a way to change it manually on Scrivener?

Thank you a lot :slight_smile:

I run into a similar problem and just resorted to use the chapter number by its digits: <$hn> or <$n>
It may work for you too while this is fixed.

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Sorry, didn’t reply to the query here, but this is just an error in the Spanish translation files, which we’ll try to get updated with the next release. (The translations are all done by volunteers, so sometimes getting them in is a little sporadic, and they have to get edited with each new Scrivener release.) Meanwhile, this can be fixed as r6d2 suggests using digits or by compiling to EPUB and then editing that in Sigil. The edited EPUB can be opened in Amazon’s Kindle Previewer to create a .mobi copy using KindleGen.