spanish name generator

Hi everybody,
I’m trying to create a new list of spanish names and surnames. I’m exporting it as csv but when I upload the list in scrivener I lost some characters (words stresses change for extrange characters, really). Note that in spanish we have some type of graphic stresses (like Sánchez, i.e.).
Can you help me, please?
Of course, I’ll be delighted to share my name/surname list with all of you :slight_smile:


What program are you using to create the .csv file? It sounds as though the program you are using isn’t saving it in UTF8 format, and is thus losing the accents.

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Thanks Kevin,
I’m using Excel. Maybe I have to choose some different option that I use for convert…

Ooops… Keith :blush:

You’re not the first to call me “Kevin” - there is clearly some universal namespace problem in people’s brains between the two names (it doesn’t help that I have a brother called Kevin… My parents were cruel).

I have read that Excel saves CSV files as ASCII or some such rather than Unicode. You could open the .csv in a plain text editor such as TextEdit and re-save using Unicode. Or you could use Numbers or OpenOffice to re-save the file if you have either of them, as I believe they give control over the encoding.

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Thank you so much, Keith… Yes, parents are sometimes cruel. My name is Juan Francisco (John Francis, in English, or something similar…).
Thank you again