Speaking of coffee...

Anybody else here home-roasting?

Yes! In spirit at least. I fetch mine from a market that lets you roast your own on their equipment. It is fun to take one type of bean and experiment with all the different ways you can stretch its flavour.

You should take a look at some of the home roasting websites out there. Even if it doesn’t start you roasting at home, they are a wealth of information about the different beans and at what roast levels they are at their best. A good place to start looking is http://www.sweetmarias.com/ in their cupping reviews of the beans that they are carrying.

I may well begin doing it. I was never much into coffee, living between UK, Russia and Japan (all tea countries) — but the other day we got an Italian espresso machine as a wedding present, with a bagful of hand-roasted powder.

I fell in love from the second cup :smiley:

We’re now searching for good beans and roasting ways.