Hullo. Think this is the right place…

My name’s Mike, 32, from the UK. I quit my job in 2019 to focus on writing my first novel. The idea had sat in my head for about ten years, and in the past two it’s changed almost beyond recognition. It’s a multi-character, speculative-fiction story that’s caused me to rip my hair to pieces on occasion, but also made me shiver with excitement. Whether it’s good or not is beyond my own judgement, but I’ve loved every painful/joyful minute. Now I’m on the penultimate draft (I think), and researching the ways to go to publication.

I’m sorry if I read a little coldly. My online presence in the past few years has been very sparse. But I’d like to get to know more writers if possible. Stick together and all that. Looking forward to getting to know you all!

Good luck with that mate. Perseverance is key.
I also made the jump because I couldn’t stand any day jobs anymore.