Special character with quote mark.

Special character with quote mark.
I use Latvian in Scrivener (MacOSX), for getting our special characters like ā, ē, ī, č etc in key combination like “quote mark” key, then characters key (or quote+character) .
So in Scrivener I often get -‘Ada- instead of -Āda-. Often means about 10%.
This almost never happens in any other applications.
Funny thing is - I can not get it out intentionally. By making pause between two keys longer or shorter, or like.

Is this in scriptwriting mode or regular mode? Scrivener uses the standard OS X text engine for this, and there’s no code in Scrivener that should interrupt this - could you please try to find an instance where it always happens? I can’t reproduce it, and without seeing it, it is unfortunately very difficult to know what might cause it.


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