Specific to EBook Writing

First of all: I am absolutely euphoric having found how to post a new topic!!! Jeeze. Now I just know I’m going to forget how to do that again.

The needs of those writing for EBooks, specifically writing fiction for Ebooks are in many ways fewer and simpler, because of the state of the art in Ebook technology.

*We use fewer fonts.
*Our formats are far less numerous.
*We use images in a very primitive way.

Having said that, at least for those writing for certain platforms, we actually can vary the fonts a tiny bit. Still, because of how transportability trumps practically everything else, it behooves E-authors to exercise the utmost restraint in formatting. HOWEVER:

One thing I would like to have the use of is to represent a letter.

If I were writing for print, I would indent, I would change the font, I would change the spacing, etc, etc. None of that is encouraged in an E-book. But is there some way in which I can make the text look a little different from the rest of the narrative?

At one time, I had thought that, at least in Scrivener, that a paragraph could be flagged for compiling AS IS. Now it appears that only an entire document can be compiled that way.

Any thoughts?

You can highlight a specific section of text and choose Format>Formatting>Preserve Formatting. There’s no default keyboard command, but you can customize it if you don’t want to have to go through the menu each time.

Oo, thanks; I did see that option, but now I have to try it out and see what it does!