Specify a label colour?

Is it possible to define a totally new colour for a label?

I realise there is a pretty wide palette of possibilities already, but trial-and-error testing (creating lots of new labels) gave me the impression that colours for new labels are still drawn from a restricted set (maybe 30-40?).

I wanted a green dark enough for white text to appear (with high-contrast) and the only dark green that currently does that is too vivid for me.

I was after something like this green: Cal Poly Pomona green: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Variations_of_green
Hex triplet #1E4D2B
RGBB (r, g, b) (30, 77, 43)
HSV (h, s, v) (137°, 61.0%, 30.1%)


Definitely yes, you can define your own color. When you create the new label, just double-click the color square and it will bring up the system color palette so you can specify your color to your heart’s delight.

If you want to resuse the color elsewhere, you can drag the swatch down to the box at the bottom of the color palette–but I can tell I’m about to stumble around not explaining this well, so let me instead refer you to §16.4.1 in the Scrivener manual which although called “Naming Highlights” deals with this custom color business and may be of interest to you. :slight_smile:



Thanks MM! (and Scrivener team!!)