Speech Feature Not Working in Composition Mode (with Re-assigned Keys)


I recently had to re-map/re-assign one of the two characater/symbol/keystroke combinations used for the Speech feature in Scrivener because both of the symbols necessary for playing, pausing and stopping Speech are on the same key on my laptop.

The symbols are the tilde (~), and this symbol (`) not sure what it is called (and even the Speech voice does not name that symbol when reading things out (and it reads everything else out, such as whole URLs).

Everything works fine when I use Scrivener in the regular mode, but when I go into Composition Mode (F11), the Speech feature does not work.

Here are the character/keystroke combinations I have assigned that work fine in regular mode.

Speech Start / Pause (toggle) Win + Alt + `

Speech Stop Win + `

In Composition Mode I just get the symbol appearing when I type Win + Alt +

Does anyone have any ideas about what is happening?