Speech Marks

I’m not sure if its a bug or not, or something I’m possibly doing wrong, but I’m writing in Times New Roman. I’ve noticed that sometimes they appear correct “ and sometimes they do not ". They don’t show up quite as clearly on here, but its very annoying. Both come up as Times New Roman, so I have to physically go back and correct them. Can you help? Thanks

Make sure that “Use smart quotes” is enabled in the Corrections tab of Tools > Options, and that you don’t have any additional substitutions set up that might be replacing a smart quote in some cases with a straight quote. You might also want to check that you haven’t accidentally switched to script mode in some documents, with smart quotes disabled there. Script documents would have a yellow tinted icon in the binder with three “holes” down the left side, and the editor footer would show the script element on the right and next action commands in the centre rather than the word count. If you find you have some documents in this mode, you can switch them back via Format > Scriptwriting > Script Mode (Ctrl+4).

My smart quotes are on, and I couldn’t see anything else that might be a problem.

I’m assuming they’re showing up this way in the editor, not post-compile. If it’s after compile, there is an option that converts smart quotes to straight in the “Transformations” section, so make sure that’s off.

If it’s in the editor, are the quotes changing within the same document, or is it always consistent for the entire document, and just that some will be in smart quotes and some in straight? It could be that you’ve imported or pasted text using straight quotes, and these won’t be converted–that only happens while you’re typing. You can however use Format > Convert > Quotes to Smart Quotes to change them.