Speech shortcut

LOVE Scrivener. LOVE. LOVE. :smiley:
Would be ecstatic if there was a shortcut to Start Speaking and Stop Speaking so I don’t have to go back up to the file menu and keep losing my place when I stop to fix up something.

Thanks, Barb! :slight_smile: Happy to hear you like the program.

This has been brought up before a few times and unfortunately the problem appears to be at the Apple level. The speech engine, once a host application starts it, doesn’t report its progress back to that application. It just keeps speaking until told to stop or until reaching the end of the text it had been given. So there is no way for the host program to know how far into the speech it got, and thus implement a resume by only feeding it part of the text when requested to un-pause.

I find it helpful to use the shortcut key combo to start and stop speech, and to know that in Scrivener you don’t have to highlight the text - just place the cursor where you want it to start speaking.

In lieu of a Speech shortcut on the Mac, could Speech, as an option, be a floating palette with traditional Play, Pause and Stop icons? Having to start and stop Speech via the menu is cumbersome.

You can make shortcuts for most menu items in OS X. See:

scrivener.tenderapp.com/help/kb/ … er-for-mac