Speech & Striked Out Text

When I edit I often strike out changes before I fully decide to remove them. It would be nice if Text to Speech would not read anything that is striked out (or have the option to do so. Otherwise the use of Text to Speech is more limited and it is truly a great feature!

Thank you for considering this.

I don’t think it is possible for the engine to be instructed to skip over bits of text based on their formatting.

However there will be a good solution for you in the next version (and currently already in the public beta): a menu command to strip out all struck-through text. You could for example take a Snapshot, strip out the text you want to consider deleted, and then have that read back to you. The Snapshot can be reviewed as it narrates, and if you feel a cut doesn’t serve, copy and paste from the snapshot pane back into the editor to restore it (this won’t interrupt narration).

So I think overall that will do well for what you want.

Thank you. I will give it a try.