Speech to text dictation?

Is there a dictation or speech to text feature with Scrivener 3? Sorry if this is a repeat. I don’t see my question posted.

Type Speech in the Help box and you’ll find it at Edit->Speech.

That’s for Text to speech not Speech to Text.

@docmon For Speech to Text I used to use Nuance Dragon Pro. It works well, is quite fast and accurate but you need to copy/paste into Scrivener because Dragon doesn’t support Scrivener.

Good point!

Thanks for pointing that out, AussieDoc. It would have been really frustrating to find that out without a warning.

Update: Dictating into Scrivener using Dragon 15.61 for Windows - i.e., without having to cut-and-paste from the Dictation box.

I wanted to post an updated comment about using Dragon to dictate directly into Scrivener’s Edit window for those who are interested.

I am using Dragon Professional Individual for Windows, version, which came out this week (June 29, 2021).

The location in Dragon for the ‘Use the Dictation Box for unsupported applications’ (which should be unchecked in order to disable the Dictation Box, and dictate directly into Scrivener’s Edit window) is Tools - Options - Miscellaneous

Just uncheck this box, and you will be able to dictate directly into Scrivener, using Dragon.

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I just use either the speech to text on my phone, where I typically dictate into a Gmail draft, and then paste it into Scrivener, or if I am at my computer I use the speech to text that is built into Windows, and the text goes directly into the Scrivener document for whatever cleanup and editing are necessary.

Neither is perfect, and each has its relative pros and cons – the Windows one has a very low threshold for inserting asterisks for words that some might consider offensive, which is frankly ******** – and the more complex or specialized the vocabulary, the more iffy the results. But both are just fine and couldn’t be easier for getting out streams of verbiage into first draft form, without needing to involve a whole other program.

I used Dragon years ago, before smartphone dictation, and found it not worth the overhead of a standalone app.

I just dictated this post right into the forum software, including periods and commas, using the Windows voice to text, and the only correction I needed to do was capitalize Scrivener, Dragon, and Windows.


today I discovered Lilyspeech a free voice typing program based on Chrome voice recognition that works with all Windows applications I tried. So far it works great with Scrivener.

Updates have been discontinued but the program is still available for download. It is very simple to use and might be worth trying out if you are still looking for a program.

Have fun!

Be aware though, that in this case “free” = “we do market research in the background”. I presume that means they’re monitoring and collecting your searches online, although it might even mean they use your PC and internet connection to run their own searches online. Hard to tell, as their description is vague.


That sounds amazing ! Who wouldn’t want that ???