Spell check on MacOS/iOS/iPadOS

This is about Scrivener in MacOS/iOS/iPadOS using words entered into Mac → Settings → Keyboard → Text → “Replace … With”.

I love to write (d’oh), why else would I be using Scrivener, and I had a long list of words in the above.

Right now if I make a spelling mistake for say, “Jenny” and accidentally type “jenny” and then try to correct it. There are times when it will not replace “jenny” with “Jenny”. My guess is that whenever it suggests a word and you go back and fix it, that the software assumes that you don’t want it capitalized after when I actually do.

So my request, is that anytime there is a word in Apple’s “Replace…With” list or it is in the general dictionary show that it should be capitalized, that the way to cancel capitalization would be for it to pop up and show that it is going to do the replacement with “Jenny” when I have typed “jenny” by giving us the chance to hit the ESC key to say when we don’t want it capitalized. And if we don’t hit ESC then it will ALWAYS, no matter what, capitalize the word.

Hopefully that makes sense. If you need more detail let me know and I will reproduce it and give a more detailed explanation.

The problem may be that “jenny” is an English word, not just a name. A possible solution is to add Jenny to the auto-correct list in Scrivener if you’ll want it capitalized most of the time. If not, add jenny to the list.

Wait. Does iOS Scrivener have an auto-correct list? I’m not sure.

If not, you can try adding or changing the Replace…With settings, but I think Scrivener won’t be able to change the way they behave.

Just for the record, the spell checking, substitution system and auto-correction is all entirely, 100% Apple’s code. We have no way of changing how it works. The full extent of what we can do is expose options to turn selective elements of it off. On the Mac there is also an auto-complete feature that is Scrivener’s, but that as a feature doesn’t exist on iOS anyway.