Spell-check (split from "BUG REPORTING")

I downloaded the update for Scrivener recently. At odd time, while I’m typing and in the MIDDLE of a word the new spell-correct begins “correcting” It begins changing the spelling of the word before I’m even four letters into the word. Generally, the end of the word, the correct spelling remains, so I’m sorry, I can’t give you an example.

My main point, did you guys try to juice up the spell-correct? In fact, I believe you added one, because I don’t think there was one before.

I don’t know if it’s that good an idea. Personally, Apple’s spell correct is a pain in the tuckus.

Thanks, Laure Reminick

(I’ve split this from the “BUG REPORTING” post - please start new threads for new issues, thanks.)

Scrivener has zero code in it for spell-checking or spelling correction other than a simple “turn it on/turn it off” switch - all of this is handled by OS X’s text system. Nothing has changed in this regard since previous versions - could you have installed Mavericks recently, perhaps? Mavericks has caused some slowdowns in various areas across the system.

All the best,

I agreed to an update while in Scrivener. Maybe stupidly I assumed it was an update for Scrivener.

Has there been no Scrivener update in the last two weeks?

I just searched for Maverick on my computer, and nothing came up.

This has me concerned.

Hi Laure,

There was a Scrivener update to version 2.5 on the 22nd, the same day that the new Mac OS, Mavericks (OS X 10.9), was released. Since Scrivener uses the Apple text system and the Mac system-wide auto-correct setting applies to it, the thought was that if you had also updated your operating system recently, that system setting may have changed, which is why you’re now noticing it in Scrivener. You can check your OS version by opening “About this Mac” from the apple menu in the top left of the screen.

Try opening System Preferences… (also from the apple menu) and going to the Language & Region options (may be Language & Text, depending on your OS version). Click on Keyboard Preferences… (if on Mavericks) and then the Text tab and make sure that “Correct spelling automatically” is deselected. If that’s on, it will apply to Scrivener (and other programs, like TextEdit and Mail); switching it off should solve the problem. It’s nearly the first thing I do after upgrading–I agree with you, a computer trying to “correct” everything I type is a pain. :slight_smile:

That worked! And I even found the source of the irritating habit of changing TM to a small little TM up high on the line. A problem since I’m a TM teacher!

Thanks for your help!